An abridged biographical note

I was born in Toruń in 1952.
I am a graduate of the mathematical class of High School named after Tadeusz Kościuszko, in Toruń (1971).
I received my Master's Degree at the University of Nicolaus Copernicus, in Toruń, in 1977.

In the years 1972–1980 I used to practise mountaineering in Tatra Mountains, French Alps and Hindu Kush.

In parallel with studying at the University, I systematically took part in the works of the Academic Priesthood of Fathers Jesuits in Toruń, especially in the Philosophical Group. Under the guidance of father Władysław Wołoszyn, I used to be the chairman of the group in 1973 - 1975.

I also regularly took part in the lectures and discussions led by some eminent Polish intellectuals, such as Józef Tischner, Tadeusz Mazowiecki, Jan Andrzej Kłoczowski.

While being a member of the Academic Priesthood, I got to know some outstanding Polish artists, as well as their works. Taking Stanisław Rodziński and Tadeusz Brzozowski as the examples.

Under the influence of communing with philosophy and respected artists, among whom the major role was played by Władysław Hasior; the vision of forming the thoughts through photography appeared to be the stronger alternative in the view of the previously preferred academic career.

In 1980, after a serious mountaineering accident, I have bound my life with artistic photography. Simultaneously, I was working for the local grammar schools as an English teacher.

I was treated restrictively by ZPAF O of Toruń and Bydgoszcz (Association of Polish Art Photographers), especially in the 80's. However, at the same time I was frequently invited for the prior symposia of Polish Photographers by ZG ZPAF (The Council of Polish Art Photographers Association). Since 1990 I am a member of ZPAP PSU.

I have had my works exhibited in some of the prestigious Polish art and photographic galleries.

What is more, I have had numerous individual exhibitions abroad, in the European countries, such as England, Switzerland, Finland, and in the United States. I have also taken part in the international collective exhibitions in Belgium, Germany and Japan.

My works were representing Polish art on the International Art Festival in Caracas, Venezuela.

I was granted the following artistic scholarships: in 1990 the scholarship founded by the Spanish Ministry of Foreign Affairs, in 1991-1993 the scholarship founded by the Polish Ministry of Culture and National Heritage.

My most known photographic collections:

  • GOTHIC - SHAPE and LIGHT – 1985,
  • THE SHAPE of the LIGHT – 1991,
  • THE CITY – 1992,
  • THE COLOUR of the WIND – 1996
  • In 2002, inaugurating an artistic dialogue within the framework of the collection THE FACE, I invited Franciszek Starowieyski to Nowy Arsenał, an art gallery in Toruń. The main aim of the dialogue was based on exploring the relation between a portrait and an auto portrait. The process of the mutual exploration was accomplished through the form of expression adequate to each of the artists

In 1991 I founded Agencja - Vi - (Vi Agency) of which I am the artistic director. I used to be its artistic director, the main photographer and since 1997, I have been running the agency as its manager. Since 2008, the advertising agency dealing mainly with photography, graphic design, as well as, the comprehensive accomplishment of the publications, is called STUDiO'Vi, of which I am the owner.

My photographs have been published in daily press, e.g. NOWOŚCI (The Local News), IKP (The Polish Illustrated Courier); as well as in the country-wide magazines, e.g. MÓJ DOM (My House), AURA, POLISH ENGINEERING.

The photographs of mine constitute the illustrative design of calendars, folders and posters. You can also spot some of my pictures on the covers of several books, magazines and poetry volumes.

I took part in Polish and international symposia of photographers and designers.

I am the the originator and co-organiser of the advertising publications contest IDEA from 1996 to 2000. What is more, I was the organiser and curator of the "European Design Annual 1999" exhibition in gallery Wozownia in Toruń.

My artistic achievements were described in various time periods in the photographic and artistic press, e.g. FOTO, in the quarterly FOTOGRAFIA (PHOTOGRAPHY) and in PROJEKT (PROJECT).

I took part in tv programs in the regional television, e.g. Magazyn Kulturalny TVP-3 Bydgoszcz (The Regional Cultural Magazine); as well as in country-wide programs, e.g. PEGAZ (Pegasus).

My photographs are to be found in collections of Art Museum in Łódź, District Museum of Toruń, as well as in private and other public collections, both in Poland and abroad. Inter alia in Coventry, Great Britain and Äänekoski, Finland.