List of artistic activities


  • an individual exhibition THE PRAYER IN THE GOTHIC CATHEDRAL in The Club of The Catholic Intellectuals in Wrocław


  • an individual exhibition THE PRAYER IN THE GOTHIC CATHEDRAL in the church of the monastery of the Dominican Fathers, recommendation of Father Jan Andrzej Kłoczowski


  • an individual exhibition THE CRUCIFIX in the Academic Priesthood of Fathers Jesuits in Toruń, curator Father Władysław Wołoszyn,
  • a collective exhibition – an independent gallery Spotkania by the monastery of Fathers Redemptorists in Toruń, curator Bogdan Kwaśniewski


  • individual exhibitions THE GOTHIC SACRUM in Great Britain for the invitation of the Design Department – Coventry / Lanchester / Polytechnic;
  • Coventry Cathedral – recommendation of Władysław Hasior,
  • Liverpool Metropolitan Cathedral,
  • Coventry / Lanchester / Polytechnic – curator Gareth Evans


  • two distinctions in the photographic contest TORUŃ, organized by ToMiTo (The Association of Toruń Enthusiasts),
  • a collective interdisciplinary exhibition in Veritas Gallery, Warsaw,
  • an individual exhibition THE RUINS OF THE GOTHIC CHURCH – an essay on the parish church by the river Vistula in Świecie, raising from ruins


  • an individual exhibition THE GOTHIC STAINED-GLASS in Desa Gallery in Toruń,
  • presentation of the collection GOTHIC – SHAPE AND LIGHT for the invitation of the Polish Museum in Rapperswil, Switzerland, also in Bern and Zurich, Switzerland, curator Janusz Morkowski,
  • cooperation with a Swiss photographic agency Key-Color in Zurich, collaboration based on colour reportage photography


  • an individual exhibition GOTHIC – SHAPE AND LIGHT, in a photography gallery Hybrydy in Warsaw, curator Ryszard Bobrowski,
  • participation in contest Young European Photography 1986 (for an individual invitation, recommended by Ryszard Bobrowski) in Frankfurt am Main, RFN,
  • participation and an author's presentation on a symposium PHOTOGRAPHING OWN WAYS – SKOKI'86; for the invitation of the Artistic Committee ZPAF and PWSSP in Poznań,
  • an individual exhibition GOTHIC – SHAPE AND LIGHT, in the District Museum – The House of Copernicus in Toruń,
  • completion of the triennial work on the photographs for the album "Toruń" for the Interpress publishing house in Warsaw, for the invitation of doctor Bogusław Mansfeld


  • participation in photographic workshop titled PERSPECTIVE, in Gierałtów, for an invitation of Jerzy Olek,
  • an invitation to the collection of Jerzy Olek titled "100 Photos of One Hundred Photographers",
  • participation in an academic session devoted to Polish post-war photography, organized by the History of Art Institute PAN (Polish Academy of Sciences) in Warsaw, presentation of the collection GOTHIC - SHAPE AND LIGHT, accredited by Ryszard Bobrowski as: "Creative continuation of Polish tradition of photographing architecture",
  • participation in the interdisciplinary collective exhibitions within the collection of Polish artists promoted by PP Polish Art in Ghent, Belgium and in Cologne, Germany


  • an individual exhibition THE SHAPE OF THE LIGHT in 3Dni (3Days) Gallery in Radom, curator Andrzej Jasiński
  • An individual exhibition GOTHIC – SHAPE AND LIGHT in the gallery of Władysław Hasior in Zakopane, curator Władysław Hasior
  • participation in a collaborative exhibition of Polish Art in Saarbrucken, Germany
  • collaboration with the Agency of Authors in Warsaw concerning selling the photographs abroad


  • an individual exhibition of the collection PERSPECTIVE in KMPiK (The Club of International Press and Books) gallery in Elbląg,
  • an individual exhibition of the collection THE SHAPE OF THE LIGHT in Forum Fotografii gallery in Łódź, curator Krzysztof J. Cichosz,
  • a collective exhibition of the collection PERSPECTIVE in BWA (the Bureau of Artistic Exhibitions) in Jelenia Góra, curator Jerzy Olek,
  • a collective interdisciplinary exhibition of the artists bound with Toruń, titled TUMULT 89, exhibited in the District Museum of Toruń, curator Marek Żydowicz,
  • an individual invitation from the Polish Federation of the Photographic Associations to the participation in the exhibition titled "Reflected in Us", in the section of the outstanding authors of the young generation, organized in PKiN (Palace of Culture and Science) in Warsaw


  • individual exhibitions GOTHIC – SHAPE AND LIGHT and PERSPECTIVE in the Centre of Art and Culture in Äänekoski, Finland; with the participation of the representatives of the Polish Embassy,
  • three-month artistic scholarship founded by the Spanish Ministry of Foreign Affairs, the collection of photographs THE ROMAN AND GOTHIC ARCHITECTURE OF CATALONIA, for an invitation of Carlos Marrodana Casas,
  • an individual exhibition GOTHIC – SHAPE AND LIGHT in gallery EL in Elbląg, curator Andrzej Szadkowski,
  • participation in the all-Polish symposium PHOTOGRAPHY NOW AND THEN, joined with the author's appearance in WDK (Provincial Community Centre) in Legnica,


  • being one of the five representatives of the Polish Art of the 80's on the International Art Festival in Caracas, Venezuela, chosen by the Polish Ministry of Culture and Art, curator Nawojka Cieślińska,
  • cooperation with Orion Press photography agency in Tokyo, Japan, concerning reports,
  • participation in symposium titled THE CHANGING OF THE GUARD, organized by Krzysztof Jurecki and Krzysztof J. Cichosz in FF Gallery in Łódź,
  • founder of the Author's Advertising Agency VISION, since 1992 named – Vi – agency, since 2008 – STUDiO'Vi, with himself as the Artistic Director


  • two-year artistic scholarship from the Polish Ministry of Culture and Art, in the field of artistic photography


  • the triptych FACE – ANDRZEJ WOJCIECHOWSKI and some author's activities done with Paweł Kwieck and Krzysztof Jurecki, Photographical Confrontations in BWA (the Bureau of Artistic Exhibitions) in Gorzów Wielkopolski, for an individual invitation of Krzysztof Jurecki,
  • an invitation to the circle of European artists promoted in Japan given by Inter Art Group and based on the recommendation of Ryszard Bobrowski,
  • a collective post-contest exhibition The World in the Snow in Nagoka, Japan, collection titled PERSPECTIVE,
  • an individual exhibition THE SHAPE OF THE LIGHT in the District Museum in Sandomierz, curator Jerzy Krzemiński


  • managing of photographic workshops in WOAK (The Provincial Centre of Culture Animation) in Toruń, crowned with a contest and an exhibition within the KATAR festival (Confrontations of the Amateur Artistic Creativity of the Region),
  • an individual exhibition of the collection THE CITY for Public Policy Research Center, University of Missouri in St. Louis, the USA, curator Jean S. Tucker


  • the originator, author of the theoretical assumptions and the co-author (till 2000) of the Review, and subsequently the Contest of the Advertising Publications IDEA


  • participation and an author's presentation on a symposium Photography in the Day of Changes – Skoki 96 in Poznań for an invitation of ZG ZPAF (The Association of Polish Art Photographers of Zielona Góra) and PWSSP (Public Academy of Fine Arts),
  • a prize for the best poster calendar, ALUMIL '96, on the all-Poland Review of the Advertising Publications IDEA '96,
  • an individual exhibition THE COLOUR OF THE WIND and THE SHAPE OF THE LIGHT in the gallery U Jezuitów (At Fathers Jesuits) in Poznań, curator Father Władysław Wołoszyn,
  • an individual exhibition of the collection THE COLOUR OF THE WIND, for an invitation of Władysław Hasior, in Władysław Hasior's gallery in Zakopane


  • participation in the international symposium The Photography of the Baltic Countries – ARS BALTICA organized by BWA Arsenał in Poznań (The Bureau of the Artistic Exhibitions Arsenal), co-financed by the European Union


  • an individual exhibition GOTHIC STAINED-GLASS in the halls of Pomeranian Credit Bank SA in Toruń,
  • an individual exhibition THE COLOUR OF THE WIND in the Museum of Chełmno Land in Chełmno,
  • participation in the International Interdisciplinary Open Air – Toruń'98,


  • the title of the EXCELLENT DESIGN for the calendar DRUMET'98, the only poster calendar, granted on the European Design Annual organized by the American Magazine PRINT,
  • an individual exhibition of the collections THE COLOUR OF THE WIND and THE SHAPE OF THE LIGHT in Wozownia Art Gallery (The Chartil Art Gallery) in Toruń, curators: Marek Hoffmann and Kazimierz Napiórkowski,
  • the organizer and curator of the European Design Annual'98 exhibition in Wozownia Art Gallery in Toruń,
  • participation in the International Symposium of the Designers MEDIATECA, joined with an exhibition of publications and managing the workshops, for an individual invitation at the University in Brasor, Romania


  • qualified for realization of the exhibition GOTHIC – THE SHAPE AND THE LIGHT in the monastery of Fathers Dominicans, the collection was chosen out of 6000 projects for the program Cracow the European Capital of Culture 2000, as the only project of an artist from Toruń, the exhibition was not realized due to Toruń authorities' refusal of co-funding


  • an individual exhibition in 2002 titled FACE – FRANCISZEK STAROWIEYSKI joined with an artistic dialogue with the portrayed; the main aim of the dialogue was based on exploring the relation between a portrait and an auto portrait. The process of the mutual exploration was accomplished through the form of expression adequate to each of the artists, exhibited in Arsenał Gallery in Toruń, curator Tomasz Hoffmann,
  • an individual exhibition titled THE CITY YESTERDAY in Dom Muz – Photography Gallery 1/3 in Toruń, curator Monika Weychert-Waluszko


  • an exhibition of the photography collection and computer graphics THE CITIES OTHERWISE, joined with a presentation of the creative process stages; the exhibition shown together with the graphic photographer artist, Jacek Nawrocki, invited for the cooperation, exhibited in the Bourgeois Manor House in Toruń,
  • an individual exhibition of collection THE CITIES OTHERWISE in the PROFILAB lounge in Warsaw, curator Mariusz Wiśniewski


  • a collective exhibition of the computer graphics titled THE GRAPHIC IN A DRAWER in the Bourgeois Manor House in Toruń, organized by ZPAP PSU OT (The Association of Polish Artists Photographers), curator Marek Głowacki,
  • managing the workshop titled FROM PHOTOGRAPHY TO COMPUTER GRAPHIC, Studio' Vi, included in The Festival of Art and Science in Toruń,
  • an individual exhibition of the collection THE CITIES OTHERWISE in the Architecture Department of the Town Council in Bydgoszcz, curator Robert Łucka,
  • an individual exhibition of an extended scenario presenting a collection of huge format photographs from THE WACKY LOCOMOTIVES (black and red outfits, the brass band, the arrival of a historical locomotive with the guests wanting to see the exhibition, numerous participation of the citizens of Aleksandrów Kujawski, about 2500 participants), took place on the Tsar Railway Station,
  • a collective exhibition of the computer graphics of two authors, Małgorzata Wojnowska-Sobecka and Tomasz Sobecki, in the headquarters of Deloitte Advisory in Warsaw


  • participation in the exhibition of Barbara Gawdzik-Brzozowska and Tadeusz Brzozowski, titled "Barbara and Tadeusz", in the Municipal Gallery in Zakopane, curator Wawrzyniec Brzozowski,
  • a collective exhibition titled THE GOTHIC ATTEMPTS OF THE MODERN ARTISTS in the Bourgeois Manor House in Toruń, curator Marek Głowacki,
  • an individual exhibition of THE WACKY LOCOMOTIVES, realized in the interior of a historical engine-shed, which was an event accompanying the Parade of Engines in Wolsztyn, estimated number of guests: 20 000,
  • an invitation to Jerzy Olek's collection and an international collective exhibition THE VISION OF THE STONE, in the Municipal Library in Wałbrzych,
  • verification and the proof-read of the texts introducing to the respective photographic collection,
  • a participant of the representative group invited by the ARTLUK magazine, gathering artists of various disciplines, as well as, the art critics; the invitation involved DOCUMENTA in Kassel and BIENNALE in Venice,
  • an individual exhibition THE COLOUR OF THE WIND in the gothic interiors of the Museum of Brodnica,
  • an individual exhibition FACE in the Museum of Papermaking in Duszniki Zdrój, within the Festival of the New Art – Labyrinth, part IX, Artists about Artists, along with the lecture titled IN SPITE OF WITKACY delivered on a symposium which followed the festival, curator Jerzy Olek,
  • the title photography of THE MAGICAL TORUŃ, within the project realized by CSW, Toruń THE SIGNS OF THE TIMES; THE OPEN AIR EXHIBITION OF THE MODERN PHOTOGRAPHY, Fall'07, curator Krzysztof Białowicz,
  • inauguration of the constant exposition of the collection "The Magical Toruń" in the Copernican Library in Toruń


  • THE WACKY LOCOMOTIVES as the scenography of the TV studio of the Great Orchestra of Christmas Charity, situated on the Tsar Railway Station in Aleksandrów Kujawski, curator Katarzyna Marcysiak


  • A prize for the calendar Sanofi Aventis